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Cascina Praiè

“Liguria, a fabled land of fiery rock and purest clay...”

This narrow stretch of impervious rock has many a thrill in store, surprising both the seaside tourist and the distracted local as it reveals glimpses of unforeseen treasures. Colla Micheri was precisely one of those treasures and it was love at first sight for us, a couple no longer in the first flush of youth and well-established in quite different careers. It was a love that stirred to life the quite Bohemian dream that two penniless agriculture graduates had pushed shyly to the back of their minds many years before. The dream of making wine on their own land.

Then there was the fateful encounter with a 90-year-old “elf,” the revolutionary and madcap Don Lisander, who wanted his estate to be safe from speculators so that his legacy of dry-stone terraces on impracticable slopes in this nook of Liguria would survive as he had conceived and built it.

This was when the dream emerged from its hiding place and no longer seemed quite such an impossible venture.

Today the elf rests in peace and his vineyard is still there: we haven’t moved a single stone or demolished any of its walls.

New elves now keep watch over it ....

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The bedrock of Cascina Praié production is based on Pigato and Vermentino, Liguria’s most famous wines, but the winery also aims to revive a number of the region’s oldest but less well-known varieties, such as lumassina and barbarossa, the latter a natural rosé.

The reds are blends of grenache and rossese, although the Cervo vineyard is now growing other red grape varieties that adapt well to the Mediterranean climate.


TerritorioTHE AREA


There is no margin for error when selecting the site for a vineyard:

soil, aspect, microclimate and the surrounding landscape are inflexible “markers” for the wine and for cultivation methods, which are certainly important but can never offset the negative aspects of a location.

We were well aware of this when we sought out new vineyard plots to flank the marvellous Colla Micheri, which had so bewitched us initially.




The nature of the soils and the steep slopes mean plenty of hard manual work in the vineyards and during the harvest. We place picked grapes in perforated crates that can weigh up to 18kg when they are filled.

Often the steep slopes and narrow terraces mean the crates are carried manually to the end of the row, where they are collected and taken to the cellar for vinification.